December '24

Welcome to the Of-Coarse App!

I never planned on launching an app, but here we are! At the moment the app is for Android users only, but the Apple release is coming up.

I will try to keep the app as user friendly, and clean as possible. If you have any issues with finding products, or items, please let me know so I can try to get that fixed for you.


As of right now, the champagne room is only available on the website but your discount code will work on the app. I am working on making the room visible over here, please give me time.



I will keep notifications to a minimum, because personally I do not like to receive a lot of notifications from apps. The majority of the notifications will be sales, new drops and restock alerts. 


These News posts will be brief. Make sure you check out the Wave Tips & tricks blog for help with your hair.

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